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In general

The processing of your personal data is confidential and the online store receives all reasonable technical and other means to ensure the confidentiality of this processing. Access to your personal data collected through this site is only authorized by NsFlowers Nikos Pan Kostouros, based in 12 Mesogeion Avenue, Ampelokipi, Athens 115 27 and 210 7475333, [ will be referred to as], subject to the confidentiality obligations contained in the relevant contracts.

The processing of personal data of the users of this site is governed by the following terms and conditions, by the relevant provisions of the applicable personal data law (Law 2472/1997 on the Protection of Individuals from Personal Data Protection, as in force 3471/2006, etc.), as well as the relevant decisions, instructions and normative acts of the Personal Data Protection Authority.

Security recognizes the importance of the security of the personal data of the users of this site and makes every reasonable effort, using the most modern and advanced methods, to ensure their safety. Users should, however, be aware that sending confidential information by e-mail is not the most secure way of communicating, as it always involves the risk of reading this information from third parties.

Cookies uses cookies, because it contributes to the better functioning of the site as they optimize the user's Internet browsing experience.

These cookies are alphanumeric files that are transferred to the computer's hard disk by the users of a website, allowing the identification of that device. Cookies are used to maintain statistics, as well as to define popular websites or for marketing purposes and to access the user on the web site they want.

Cookies do not pose risks to the user's / visitor's computer on the site. If someone does not wish to collect information through cookies, they may set their browser so that they do not allow the use of cookies in any way. Nevertheless, users should be aware that choosing to reject cookies will make it difficult or impossible to use the site's parts and services.

Young people (<18)'s intention is not to collect personal data of minors who may have access to their site in violation of the above. However, as this is not feasible to be secured by, any minor users of the site who pass through their personal data to are required and expected to have received the consent of their parental carers or their potential commissioners.

Modification of these Terms may at any time amend any of these privacy terms and conditions in any applicable law, and any changes will be effective upon its admission to this site.