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1. The following Terms of Use of the Website are the terms and conditions of use of this website, created and owned by NsFlowers Nikos Pan Kostouros, based in 12 Mesogeion Avenue, Ampelokipi, Athens 115 27 and 210 7475333 ( will be referred to as NSFlowers12.gr).

2. Only adults, namely persons over the age of 18, are entitled to use this site. Where a user is required to complete his / her birth date, he / she is required to provide true and accurate information. If, however, minor users make false representations and appear as adults, NSFlowers12.gr shall not be liable for their exposure to the content of this website or for any use of this website by such persons.

3. The users of this website are hereby informed that: (a) any reference to the website provided by NSFlowers12.gr products does not constitute incitement, advice or encouragement for the performance of any act having an economic effect, a proposal for the drawing up of any contract, that the products in question are available, in whole or in part, (b) the information material provided to them through this website is not necessarily accurate or timely, and may not be up to date (c) users are invited and expected to confirm the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of any information made available through this Web site to any third party without the knowledge or consent of NSFlowers12.gr. place.

4. Use of this site should be done for lawful purposes only and in a manner that does not restrict or impede its use by third parties. The user is required to act in accordance with law, good morals and present terms of use and not to commit any act or omission that may cause damage to or malfunctioning of the site or to alter its content.

5. NSFlowers12.gr does not guarantee the technical integrity, availability, integrity or security of the website, its use or access to it. Users are encouraged and expected to take all necessary steps to protect the security and integrity of their systems.

6. The content of the website is covered by NSFlowers12.gr and / or third parties' intellectual property rights.

It is prohibited without the prior written permission of NSFlowers12.gr to replicate, modify, reproduce, reproduce or otherwise exploit in whole or in part the contents of this site, expressly excluding only the individual copying, storing or republishing of the above provided that their origin is not removed from this website and that they will not be used for commercial purposes.

Also, it is forbidden for any user to alter or alter the security settings, the architecture or the layout of the website or to cause interference of any nature to its use or technical specifications.

7. In order for this website to operate seamlessly and to be updated on a regular basis, maintenance work is required at regular intervals, which may make it impossible to use it at the time of such work. It is explicitly acknowledged by the users of this website that NSFlowers12.gr has no responsibility due to the inability of users to access this website for the above reason and / or due to its discontinuation by NSFlowers12.gr for any other reason, NSFlowers12.gr is not required to make any prior prior notice to users of this.

8. NSFlowers12.gr reserves the right to temporarily or permanently delete users from this site in the event of non-observance of these terms of use.

9. These terms of use of this website are governed by and supplemented by Greek law, and the courts of Athens are competent to resolve any dispute in this matter.

10. With regard to the protection of personal data and the processing thereof in the context of this website, the provisions of the present Privacy Policy, which are posted on this website and form an integral part of it, apply.

11. The use of the website implies and implies the acceptance of these terms as a whole, including the currently applicable site protection policy. NSFlowers12.gr may at any time change these terms of use, including the above Policy, and any change will be effective upon its introduction to this website.